Presley and Jeff Tackett Director of SCSG.

Presley has trained with Jeff Tackett from SCSG Southern California School of Goalkeepers for nearly 4 years.

Presley remains focused on academic achievments while making her commitment to her team a high priority in her life. When away from the soccer field Presley enjoys caring for her family pets and playing the guitar. Presley is also very active in her school ASB program. Presley is the Freshman ASB President at Roosevlet High School.

(2011 Surf Thanksgiving Cup) LEGENDS FC G98 joins in prayer before starting semi-final play against Arsenal G98 Kelsey. At the end of regular time the game is tied 0-0 sending the game into PK's. Presley scores the final PK to give LEGENDS FC G98 the win 1-0 over Arsenal Kelsey sending her team to the 2011 Surf Thanksgiving Cup Quarter Finals against the Camarillo Eagles.